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Started by Guest, Dec 26, 2011, 09:41 PM

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   //Let's prep the account to get some info...
      SELECT cx.id_member, cx.uname, cx.requestd, cx.nextbd, cx.cxreasons,
         cx.intnotes, ls.start_time, a.payment_provider, a.ccFirst6, a.ccLast4
      FROM ADMIN_cxrequests AS cx
      LEFT JOIN z_log_subscribed AS ls ON (ls.id_member = cx.id_member)
      INNER JOIN account AS a ON (ls.id_member = a.id_member)
      WHERE cx.cxid='$cxid'
      AND ls.id_member = cx.id_member
      AND ls.id_subscribe = '1'
   "); echo mysql_error();