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Running the Blogs

Started by SleePy, Dec 05, 2007, 03:57 AM

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Well jeez, I never got the whole idea for a blog. Some person to just blab about what they want to blab about and hope that others read their junk. Who cares really. Well I don't care what others think, I still don't care for blogs, but I thought this would be a cool thing I could do with some php power.

I hacked the script to tap into my main sites template system and generate the page based on this. I had a bug for a while that prevented posting from the blog, which is why my leopard topic has a few test replies, but I finally figured it out.

My blog script works similar to how my main site works and just includes the files and changes things around. I even run a special url checking that adds blogs. and removes /Blog if you are using the blog sub-domain. Which was really basic itself. This whole thing really is.

At one time I almost had the url be based of the subject, but I don't like those because I can remember a number better than I could remember a name of a topic. But both are possible. Doing the name of the topic just means one more query to find the id of the topic and then running a SMF 2.0 SSI (Server Side Includes) function to query a post.

I hopefully will have more news in the future as well as I progress in trying to do something really cool for the site, but it is hard to do without breaking a production server.
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I love the blogs, Wish I could do somthing like this on my forums


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