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Finally updated (and posted)

Started by SleePy, Jun 01, 2008, 05:39 AM

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After working on it for months, I finally managed to update my code, as well as fix a few bugs and a few minor features to the site. While you won't notice much from the user front, things have been fixed all over and my coding complies now to my own standards.
I did write this site back a while ago (over 2 years ago) and it was using styles and standards from before I even joined the SMF team. I am happy to say it complies with this now and follows a more simplistic method to accomplish things, I didn't take much load time off, but that is ok, I didn't add any either ;D

I also updated my PasteBin, Todo, and blog page to the new standards and using proper 2.0 coding (When I upgraded this site to 2.0 for the first time I did quick fixes to get everything working again and left it). So that is good news now.
I finally cleaned up the last of the errors that where being generated into my php error log. That was thanks to a script that catches the php errors and logs them into a single file that is emailed to me for fixing (I run to many sites to keep up on php error logs for all of them). Though mostly it was templating issues from when I split my source away from my theming/output coding.

My next part of the big project was to allow source viewing of the page content. I haven't got very far on this as I want to impose a very nice security model on the script to prevent naughty people :P I recently coded another script that allows file source viewing and I am thinking of using its model as the source for my work here. Though I haven't go much further than adding the files and forcing it to be an admin only page ;D

After that I plan on bringing my file manager script into this century. Currently when I upload something and want it private I have to go to my admin panel (not really an admin panel yet), and add the files name into a list of private files.
I am wanting to improve this so I can simply check a ratio box and force it to hidden (or one of the other two options).
During that process I plan on making an actual Administration panel for myself, just because I am to lazy to keep logging into FTP to do these things ::)

Finally I hope after all that, I can actually get some new scripts up here. I haven't had very many ideas lately or time to push froward on scripts. Which is why I am guessing that to complete even one of those above it will take me months.

Ok, now to upgrade the forums and hope I don't break things >:D
No siggy! :D