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Started by Gardi, Sep 14, 2009, 04:18 PM

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Im currently using SMF 2.0 RC1.1
Only using PortaMx v0.961-1

tried to install you view single category mod on the smf but though installation was success full. it didnt work. (such is the case with other category related mods )  You mod works without the portaMx but when porta Mx is loaded. You mod simple wont work.

Ive contacted portaMx support but they said its the case with most of the portal mods. ─▒ts better if i reach help from you.


Did you receive any errors during installation of the mod?
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All the tests are fine.

And ive checked manually too. And saw that the links are changed as the way its suppose to be. Meaning i get to have theat "index.php?c=1" links. But when clicked on them. it doesnt display that category. its shows index page again.


This is what ive written on the other board.

QuoteIve checked the View Single Category mod and its actually compitable with 2.0 RC1.2.  It just need few lines of updates thats easy to fix. But even after applying this mod on PortalMx or vice versa - it still functions not.

So the reason why these mods are not applied to portalmx is because Portal Mx uses a custom template system isnt it?. Because Ive checked the forums and even looked through the other mods files and see that they all install without a problem - meaning that non of the codes interfier with portal mxs custom lines on those files. And i see they (while manualy applying the mod) function when there is no portal Mx. So I come to the conclution that though portalmx works with or without these mods applied, the vice versa is not the case.

By the time I come to this conclution, i couldnt go on due to some tiring day.

which they answered

QuoteWhile PortaMx (and also other Portals) modify a lot of parts in Load.php to make a frontpage and a forum view, mods they will also modify these parts do not work.
If you will use this mod, you have to apply the necessary changes manualy acording the changes they make by the Portal mod.


Most likely why this didn't work is because the portal mod has changed it so your board index is now viewed through ?action=forum.  You would need to modify the urls in the code to add the ?action=forum to the urls.
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