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Fixed Updates on Main site

Started by SleePy, Oct 26, 2007, 03:01 AM

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Well for the past month or two the main site hasn't been showing the updates board.

I finally got pissed enough to figure out why and fix it. Seems To do some URL/_POST fixing in PHP I added to globally affect my site and undo the slashes SMF adds so my scripts would work, had broken this with some requires it already did in another function (and thus the main require which wasn't in a function couldn't get the files I had included).

So I just made a new function and have it execute after SMF is loaded.

To let you know, The main site functions very similar to how SMF functions. I wrote the code myself but it follows the same logical and ideas of SMF. It has an actionarray (but mine is different and more robust) and lots of functions that are called. I don't do as SMF does and a obExit so I have to call the header and footer functions myself. But it is easier to work with xml and ajax returns with doing it this way instead of cleaning the buffer just to do ajax.
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