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Please note these forums are mostly a testing ground for my SMF work and I don't really use them otherwise.


Started by SleePy, Jan 11, 2008, 06:15 AM

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I upgraded to the latest version of SMF via SVN to test some new stuff live. It slipped my mind to make sure to upgrade my mods to work with the newest version of SMF. As well there is a minor bug in the package manager. Oh well, I gladly accept any bugs to ensure that the final release does not have it ;)

I run all my mods here plus a few others, so I don't feel like manually installing them, and it gives me a way to test things when the bug in package manager is fixed :) I did manually install my custom main menu though.
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Good News: The package Manger issue was fixed so I am able to install mods.
Bad News: Due to changes in the database query strings that you will see in  2.0 Beta 2, I need to change a lot of my mods to use this new method. I only have about half of my mods working at the moment. Will try to continue fixing the rest and hopefully have things all good in a few days.
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