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Please note these forums are mostly a testing ground for my SMF work and I don't really use them otherwise.

Blogs site is working again, with WYSIWYG editor

Started by SleePy, Jan 07, 2008, 11:03 PM

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As I tell you, following the Development of SMF means problems with current scripts I run here. It is a task to keep things working.
I just realized the other day that my blogs site was not functioning due to a update I did recently.

Well I was able to fix it all up and to my surprise, I also achieved a unexpected new feature. SMF 2.0 has a WYSIWYG editor that the developers have actually made themselves with a good amount of javascript to do the work. Thankfully how things are handled I just needed to include the Javascript files after fixing the issue and away everything went.

I got more in store, I just need time to work. College has started and its going to be a very interesting quarter. As a mac fan I use a macintosh everyday, but to receive a degree I need to take Microsoft classes. It is kinda a pain to live in the same state as Microsoft, but I will get through it I guess. Winter Quarter next year I have to take a linux course, I am looking forward to that as well as the network design and infrastructure :D
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