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PHP Development going SVN!

Started by SleePy, Jul 29, 2008, 04:56 AM

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While this isn't related to my site or anything. I thought I would post about this.

I generally read the Internals mailing lists. While I used to be subscribed to it, I just can't take reading another 50 more emails a day :P
This interesting thing popped up during my reads

It seems the message was talking about Subversion, I found this interesting as Simple Machines uses it, and other software I have seen is converting to it or using it. What really picked up my attention was OSCON. I attended OSCON this year in Portland, Oregon, USA. It was amazing let me tell you, OSCON was an event I am glad I didn't miss. It was also fun to hang out with a few other team members from Simple Machines and show off the software.

I don't know if Rasmus Lerdorf was at OSCON or not. But after a quick search based on his email and pulling up his bio (how scary and cool is that) I found his picture. I don't remember that face at all during OSCON. To bad it would of been cool to know I meet somebody from ;)

Anyways, back to the story. The email talks about basically converting the whole cvs base of to svn. It goes into details and such. This was also confirmed when Gwynne Raskind sent out an email confirming the migration it seems.

Yea, so that is it. It is a bit nerdy news, but news is interesting for me.. Now I could easily get the bleeding edge of php development instead of just snapshots (I never liked cvs). Which does remind me I should update my PHP engines on my macbook pro. I am running 6.0 and 5.3 builds that are at least 1 month old.

I guess that will be after I work on the dummy upgrade tests I am performing of one of my sites to bring it to SMF 2.0. That itself is a major task as I want to overhaul the overall look and build its own homepage instead of using TinyPortal (Nothing against it, just only use it for the news on frontpage and could reduce queries without it).
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